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Our special interest committees and groups...

BABYSITTING CO-OP - Members in the co-op exchange babysitting services with each other using a point system; trading hours instead of money. 

 - Volunteering to help others is the lifeblood of our country, with women making up the vast majority of the volunteer force.  MOMS Club continues in that tradition by performing service projects, which benefit women and children, throughout the year.  This committee helps to organize and maintain our charitable efforts.  Our special projects this year are providing support for The Mighty Moms Foundation and Valley Children's Hospital.

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE - Whether you are having a new baby, your spouse is away, you are ill, have a family emergency, moving, or just need the comfort of a friend, this group is always available for help.  The Sunshine Committee members will help lighten your load and lift your spirits. 

EXECUTIVE BOARD - The Executive Board consists of officers elected by the MOMS Club membership to serve a one year term.  The board members meet once a month to discuss member and committee proposals, plan the calendar of events, and prepare for the monthly business meetings. 

 MOMMY AND ME GROUP Members in the Mommy and Me Group meet at a different Moms home each week for a play date with their children 3yrs and under. 

COOKING CLUB -  Members in Cooking Club meet monthly with a cooking theme chosen by a host.  Examples of themes in the past have been Slow Cooker Recipes, Apples, Brunch Favorites.

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